Medically Managed Weight Loss w/ Semaglutide



The AMP digital Medically Managed Weight Loss W/Semaglutide training is crafted for providers of all levels that wish to help the 70% of American adults who suffer with obesity + weight loss.

Medical weight loss clinics have been around for decades now. These clinics are profitable powerhouses because people are sick of looking and feeling bad! What does this mean for a provider? A scalable business opportunity while helping patients to feel + look their best!

This course will teach you:

  • What medical weight loss is
  • Legalities, Risks + Liabilities
  • Why we gain unhealthy amounts of weight + physiological adaptations of weight loss
  • The physiological adaptations of weight loss + building a successful program
  • Various diet + exercise plans + protocols and how to build plans specifically tailored to the patient
  • How to work up weight loss patients while integrating motivational coaching into your practice
  • How to utilize 10 different medications for weight loss
  • How and where to obtain malpractice insurance
  • How to build a cash practice
  • How to integrate weight loss management with telemedicine
  • Marketing Do’s + Don’ts
  • Pharmacies + supplies

After completing the course, you will receive your certification for Medically Managed Weight Loss Treatments

Your Class Enrollment Includes:

  • Pre-Class Didactic Resources
  • Sample Diet Plan Templates
  • Sample Exercise Plan Templates
  • Insurance, Pharmacy + Patient Form Resources

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1/16, 3/6, 6/4