IV Infusion Therapy: Foundations

Price: $1,695
Duration: 1 Day
All materials needed to complete the course are provided.


The Foundation IV Infusion course is designed to provide basic conceptual + operational knowledge to become familiar with IV placement + fluid therapy.

This class supports healthcare professionals and as your state permits – professionals with + without previous venipuncture experience that look to expand their skill set with IV therapy placement techniques + basic IV fluid therapy concepts + cocktails.



  • Introduction to IV Infusion + Injectables Services

  • Regulation + Considerations

  • Foundations of Practice, Treatment Efficacy + Frequency

  • Side Effects, Risks + Documentation

  • IV Pharmacological Principles, Tonicity, Osmolarity + USP Guidelines


  • Ingredients + Cocktails

  • Insurance vs. Cash Accounting

  • Practice Expenses, Supplies + Vendors

  • Documentation, Pricing + Practice Maintenance