Our Tribe is here for You.

Our Story

As service providers ourselves, we were met with many challenges trying to find Medical Director coverage for ourselves.

We simply couldn’t find a Medical Director. And, after months of research, phone calls, emails + peer referrals, we were still at a loss.

Then, when we did find Medical Director coverage that would work for our business, the onboarding fees were over $7K + monthly fees were over $2K. As a start-up, we simply couldn’t afford that. So, we kept looking. And each time, we were met with the same large fees we couldn’t afford.

We went back to the drawing board + began reaching out to Physicians we knew. When we spoke to Dr. Graham, we knew we found our perfect partner! And we could have stopped there.

But, along our year long journey of finding a Medical Director, we realized + heard from our peers + other industry professionals that they were struggling with the same challenges in finding their perfect Medical Director partner.

We knew we had the opportunity to help not just our friends + colleagues – but to provide an option within the industry that was affordable, comprehensive + understood the true needs of service providers.

And just like that – Aesthetic Medical Partners was born + brought to life with the help of so many of our nearest + dearest.

We couldn’t thank everyone that helped us along the way enough – but our commitment to being the most trusted + transparent Medical Director Group in our industry is our everyday thank you to each + every member of our Tribe.